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The Ultimate Coach-Triangle Revisited

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Let’s take a new look at the Ultimate Coach.  The first thing I notice is that there is no one between you and God.   What does this mean?  You have access to the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You have direct access to God. God created you in his image to have relationship with you. He desires to have perfect, straight-line relationship with you.

The Ultimate coach is not perfect. But the Ultimate Coach knows who he is and what he is and who his Lord is. He is on a journey to get closer to God each and every day. To learn obedience, to allow God’s Word to have authority over his life, and act out in obedience to that Word.. To point to God in all his relationships. He is a good influencer. People, players, friends come to him because he carries the Holy Spirt inwardly and expresses Him, His light, outwardly to a dark world. He is a motivator, encourager, listens and watches. He is aware of his relationships and walks in great compassion and sensitivity. He is trusting and stands for justice.

He is determined to submit himself to the promises and commands of Jesus. He studies the word so that the word of God become Him. He seeks God in all things, asking God for help and always acknowledging Him with thanksgiving. He is humble and meek. He does not assert his authority over others but loves them with grace. He seeks unity in the spirit with all people often at a personal sacrifice. He cares for his players off the field more than on the field.

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