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Our Core Message

We say the FC Grace message is unique. Why and how?  

The message has a core group of diagrams that convey what is a coach's ultimate purpose, how we are three parts, and how we can live above or below the line. This core message has resonated among the coaches, leading to it being spread across so many people and countries in Africa.  In addition to teaching these core messages, we provide demonstrations and  personal testimonies that reinforce, and activities that the coaches do to practice implementing, both off and on the field.

All coaches expect coaching training to be a competitive, status-attaining, how to get ahead, knowledge-to-be-gained experience. But our message is entirely different. We focus on the heart, the transformation of the coach. Winning and status are not the goals.  Winning becomes a a by-product of a Free-in-Christ loving coach who can in-turn love upon his/her players.  This coach becomes the greatest motivator for players to perform at their highest levels - to play for a coach who loves them. 


Links to the diagrams:

The Ultimate Coach

We are Three Parts

Living Below the Line 

What is the Line?

Breaking the Line

Living Above the Line

The Save

Growing in God

Maturing in God

Raising Future Disciples

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