Many Years Ago


Bob Allen, the founder was a player and a coach for many years. At a pivotal moment in his life, he had to surrender all things soccer for the good of his family. God used this to remove the pride and identity as a player and a coach and replace it with fatherhood. 

2011 - 2015

Seven years later, Bob and his wife, Jeanne went to Haiti on a mission trip and there, God reintroduced Bob to the purpose of his passion for soccer – to love coaches and players. Bob struggled and searched for the purpose in this mission, and God slowly unfolded His plan through many trials and failures. When Bob reached absolute frustration, he surrendered this mission to God. 

More Recently

2016 - 

Six months later, he received a call from a pastor in Tanzania, and God began His plan for FC Grace in Africa. Through this plan, we have executed and repeated this training program for hundreds of coaches in Tanzania and Ethiopia, and are planning to execute in Kenya.

The Team

Bob Pic.JPG

Bob Allen


Founder & Leader

Jeanne Pic.png

Jeanne Allen


Speaker & Author


Dennis Okoth

Master Coach


Terry Lyambilo

Discipling Coach in Training


Pastor Matthew

Guest Speaker and Healer

John Oscar.png

Pastor John Oscar

Tanzanian Lead Pastor