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FC Grace

A Christian sports ministry that uses soccer (football) to spread the gospel to coaches, to inspire, empower and transform them for Christ.

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What is the current trajectory for an African child?

Today, the Africa population is drowning from generations of orphans caused by poverty, broken marriages, and war.   These children do not have hope, don’t know the truth, and have no one to lead them.  For many the only options in life are prostitution, sex trafficking, drugs, gangs, and death. 40% of Africa is under the age of 15 and many of these are orphans or with parents who cannot or choose not to actively raise them. Additionally, very few churches are equipped or have the financial means to reach this age group.

Home Page Boys Pic.png
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What if the trajectory were different?

If there was a way to reach this population of children in an activity that engaged them, and gave adults an opportunity to show them hope in tangible and spiritual ways, the future generations would be productive members of their community and disciplers for Christ for future generations.

We are changing the trajectory!

FC Grace is changing the trajectory of Africa.  Soccer is the largest non-religion religion in the world, especially in Africa.  The game captures the hearts and minds of every age group, ethnicity, tribe, and gender. FC Grace is leveraging soccer to reach the hearts and minds of youth through their coaches, key players in these children’s lives.  FC Grace has a simple but powerful message of the Gospel delivered this gospel message to coaches throughout Africa, bringing coaches to Christ. We are teaching the coaches how to disciple to their players, how to walk along side them in their personal situations and make an earthly and eternal difference in their lives.

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