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Tues - Thurs, May 15 - 17

The program began each day with prayer. Bob asked the coaches to join us if they felt comfortable, and we held hands in a circle and prayed. This was followed by an "energizer", a physical exercise and game combination that gets everyone awake. Amos, one of our Kenyan coaches, was responsible for these each day.

On Tuesday, Bob taught about the three parts of man - spirit, soul and body, and what happens when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Sheleme was our translator. Bob had Dennis give his testimony (below), and Bob shared a little of his story. He then talked about how as creations made in the image of God, our words matter. He demonstrated this with a strength test where he had the group select the coach they believed to be the strongest in their ranks. Bob then spoke approving, encouraging words to him, and with the coach's arm outstretched, tried to bring it down. Then he spoke disapproving, discouraging words, and again with the coach's arm stretched out, was able to push it down easily. This demonstration had a huge impact on the coaches as they thought about their verbal interactions with players.

Each day after Bob presented, he gave the coaches a question to discuss and broke them into three groups. During these discussion times, the coaches opened up and shared with each other. Bob then had each group present the key points of what they had discussed.

On Wednesday, after prayer and the energizer, Bob discussed forgiveness. He shared more of his personal testimony, explained the forgiveness prayer, and demonstrated the prayer with the two chairs. On Thursday, Bob talked about surrender, again using his personal testimony to provide an example of surrender. Bob then talked about Jesus, surrender, and how he washed his disciples' feet, and we offered to wash the coaches' feet. Many accepted this offer and were truly touched by this act.

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