Sunday, May 20th - Church in Tanzania

We flew in Saturday to Dar es Salaam, and then took a smaller local airline, FastJet to Mbeya. We attended Pastor Ongere's church in Mbeya on Sunday. Matt Ross (known as Matthew here in Mbeya) spoke first. He was followed by an evangelist with a strong prophetic gift from Kenya. Pastor John Earwayne, a very humble man of God spoke with authority in a calm voice and we were completed absorbed in his topic - about fighting the good fight against Satan who is trying to always steal your destiny. At the end of the service, he invited everyone in the church up to receive a blessing, a word or deliverance. We watched as he spoke over people prophetically, their faces showing their astonishment, sometimes tears of remorse; as he cast out demons in several people, hearing their voices change, their bodies contort and then relax as the demonic force departed; as he gave blessing to each child. The day had flown by - we thought we were headed to lunch and found out that it was 4pm! We had the opportunity to have dinner and spend time with Pastor John and his team and Pastor Ongere. We learned much about the spiritual battle taking place in Africa, how God is providing signs and wonders for Christians all over, winning souls over from the darkness that is so strongly present through tribal culture (witch doctors, voodoo).

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