Mon to Thurs, May 21 to 24 - Training in Mbeya, Coaches Receiving Christ!

This week of training was held at the EDI Secondary School, a private Christian school in Uyole on the outskirts of Mbeya. A local pastor who is friends with Pastor Ongere is the director of the school, Pastor Mwandembo.

Coaches came from as far as 100 kilometers away to attend the training. Here are some of the pictures from the week. We followed the same format, with Bob getting tweaks to his program each day provided by the Lord. Every afternoon after field time, we went to the pastor's house for a late lunch. Pastor Mwandembo, his wife Agnes and sons Ushindi and Ebenezer are a wonderful family, strong in their faith, and we spent hours sharing cultural differences, faith walks, testimonies and much more. It was a complete delight!

Below are some pictures from the week. Matthew Ross was with us, and provided spiritual support as well as sharing the truths of the gospels with coaches. on Thursday, he provided a chance for any coach who was not a Christian to receive Christ and 7 coaches accepted Christ that day!

We always had children around us, fascinated by the white people (we're called Mzungus - pronounced Mazoogoos) who were in their school and field area.

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