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May 26th - A Special Saturday Night

Satuday evening, we had dinner over at Vincent's house (Vincent was a friend we met last year, and acted as translator then and this year on the field). It was a wonderful meal, and we had the chance to meet his new baby. His daughter Lightness is on the left, Levin, the new baby boy, and Vincent's wife, Norda.

After dinner, we returned to Mama Shangwe's for tea, and Pastor Ongere presented us with gifts - shirts and a dress made out of Kitenge fabrics! From left to right the group is Eva (who helped prepare all the meals and will be married on June 23rd!), Bob in his new Kitenge shirt, Pastor Ongere, Matthew Ross in his new Kitenge shirt (and there's material for his wife to get a dress made), Jeanne in her new Kitenge dress and Mama Shangwe (whose house we stayed in).

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