Fri, May 25th - More Coaches Come to Christ, Closing Ceremony

Bob felt led by the Lord to ask the coaches if there were any remaining that had not accepted Jesus as their savior and wanted to, and there were 5 more that accepted! We were able to tape his talk to them. Each coach who accepted Christ as connected with Pastor Mwandembo who contacted local pastors where each coach lived to connect them for further discipleship and to have a local church.

We then held our closing ceremony, following the same approach we used in Ethiopia. After the ceremony, Bob spoke briefly about forming a community that met regularly, and the coaches selected from their group, two people to organize monthly events for them. In addition, they will be supported through a What's App group where FC Grace will provide weekly devotionals, study and questions for them to discuss as a group.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Edson Kajigili, spoke to the group of coaches. A former teacher, he used a soccer ball to talk about the gift of giving and receiving, of how Bob, Jeanne and Matthew could have used the money for their family or to take a vacation but instead chose to give their time, money, talents and energy to travel all the way to Tanzania and give the coaches this week of hearing about Jesus and learning how to apply that teaching on the soccer field. That they paid for everything so that the coaches could receive it all for free. It was a very touching speech and we felt such joy at hearing someone summarize our efforts so beautifully. We were then given several gifts of Kitenge fabric, a traditional gift of thanks. Kitenge fabric is used to make shirts and dresses, and husbands and wives can be identified by their matching Kitenge outfits as you'll see below for Pastor Mwandembo and his wife, Agnes.

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