Fri, May 18th - the Ceremony

Today, we held the closing ceremony for the training. Bob had received a wonderful vision from God about how to do this differently than before. He had the coaches line up on the left side of the room. He, Dennis, Amos and Sheleme stood in the center (Jeanne took pictures). Bob handed out the certificate, Dennis and Amos handed out the crosses and then the coaches stepped to the right side of the room and sat down. Bob explained to all the coaches that this was a significant step. They were leaving behind their old lives, their old way of interacting with their players, family and friends and stepping into a new way; how they had to leave in order to go and move in this new direction. It was a very impactful ceremony. After the ceremony, Bob talked to the coaches about forming a community that met monthly or more often to support each other. This idea was met with great enthusiasm and Sheleme will head up this activity. There will also be a What's App group so the coaches can talk to one another, and FC Grace can provide devotionals, study materials and questions for them to discuss with each other.

Below are pictures of some of the coaches receiving their certificates, our group picture, and some special pictures close to our heart. After the ceremony, the coaches took us out for BBQ Ethiopian style - delicious!

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