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Mon, May 14th - We begin our Coach training

We got up and ate breakfast consisting of a cooked grain like bulgar wheat to which they add sugar, a traditional food called anjera which is an unleavened sour dough flat bread, fresh hard boiled eggs and Ethiopian coffee. If you're a coffee drinker - WOW, this is the best coffee we've EVER had! We ate in a large dining area at the facility.

After breakfast, we headed to the church to do set up for our first day. We were using the large room that is used as the sanctuary on Sundays. As the coaches came in, Bob went over and said hello to each one with Sheleme. Many of them knew each other and were friendly. Bob started the seminar talking about the qualities of the Ultimate Coach.

Then on the field, he showed the coaches how to create a positive encouraging environment. He used tools to show a positive demonstration, allowing failure, and creating appropriate time and space for success.

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