We're in Tanzania

We had a delayed flight into Dar es Salaam and made our connecting flight by minutes thanks to the help of the airport staff. Praise God!

Last week in Ethiopia finished up very well. The coaches said they learned so much about how to be a better coach, how to have a closer relationship with God and many new soccer skills. After the closing ceremony, they took us to lunch to thank the team. They have committed to meeting once as month to spend time sharing as they had during the week. We are excited to hear this and look forward to returning next year to hear how they are doing. 

We have started our training in Tanzania in a quiet suburb of Mbeya. We are using a secondary school facility, and the coaches are coming from as far as 100 kilometers away to attend. They learned a great deal on the first day and are enthusiastic. We taught them about their identity in Christ as the ultimate coach, and on the field, we taught them how to create an environment of success and how to manage it. We have a mix of believers, non-believers and muslims, and we are eager to see what God will do this week. 

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