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FC Grace in Ethiopia

Hello from Ethiopia, a country rich in old culture dating back to the time of Jesus. The national language here is Aramaic. We have taken many pictures and will add these to our posts when we return home.The training is going very well. While this si a culture with a strong sense of community, there are still the usual issues that come with brokenness. We have 20 coaches and we can see that they are learning so much and beginning to apply what they have learned. Monday we introduced the concept of ultimate coach, a relationship between God, the coach and the player. Then we demonstrated on the soccer field how to create a positive environment that encourages player growth and performance. Tuesday, we taught how our words can build up or break dow na person, and Bob demonstrated it with a strength test. It had a huge impact, and some of the very experienced coaches were introspective after. Today, Wednesday, we discussed forgiveness, and Bob demonstrated the Forgiveness prayer taught in Grace Ministries. All the coaches agreed tat this was good to learn.

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