Missed Flight Yet God's Blessing

We missed our flight, and our hearts sank! It took everything in our being to turn to the Lord in that moment and ask for his Grace to flow over us, calm us, give us peace and a fresh perspective. We prayed as we waited for United to answer the phone, and felt God give us His peace and tell us everything would be alright. When we told the United agent what happened, he waived the change fee, and found us the same flight for tonight with a small charge! As we felt relief flood over us, we heard the thunder kick in. We stood in our sunroom and watched as the rain poured down, and then as it was ending, we saw the rainbows appear - two of them. They were so beautiful, radiant strong colors that can never seem to be accurately captured (especially on a cell phone). We believe that God intends to double down on His promises for our trip!

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