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June 2022 Mission


Because you donated to FC Grace in 2022, we....

  • purchased airfare, hotel, meals, and meals for others in Tanzania and Uganda

  • executed 7 training sessions (2-3 days each) and reached over 175 coaches in Tanzania and Uganda
    brought over 30 Coaches to Christ

  • spoke and taught at several all-women's church-sponsored conferences. This is a growing new ministry within FC Grace, using Jeanne and other women's gifting and desire to teach the Word. 

  • contributed significant funds to feed over 100 people for two weeks in Uganda

  • teamed with Wells of Revivial Church in Entebbe, Uganda to go door-to-door and tell the neighbors about Jesus, and over 100 people accepted Jesus.

  • provided transportation, lodging and meals to our friend, Pastor Frank Chewe and his wife, Anastasia from Zambia to attend an FC Grace Coach Training session. Pastor Frank was convicted of unforgiveness, and reconciled with his uncle, bringing him to Christ. His uncle died 30 days later, but we know where he is now!


Because you donated to FC Grace in 2022, God's work has continued ....

  • Pastor Frank has now delivered the FC Grace message to hundreds of people in Zambia including universities, prisions, churches, soccer leagues and communities in many villages. Many people are coming to Christ.  
    Pastor Frank presented the FC Grace message to over 500 prisoners at the maximum security prision in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.  One prisioner ran to pastor Frank and requested that Frank hear his story.   This prisioner was in jail for 48 years for a murder he did not commit.  The person he suppposedly murdered was alive and had taken the prisioner's wife as his own.  Now this prisioner, over 60 years of age, heard the FC Grace message and was convicted of unforgiveness.  Pastor Frank assisted with his prayer to forgive his wife and this man.  One week after this event, the man who was supposedly murdered was convicted by the Holy Spirit, and confessed to the authorities. The prisioner was released one week later!

  • Recently a coach in Zambia was seperated from his wife because she had an affair with their local church pastor.  This coach was so angry, that he rejected everything about church. Then he heard about a conference where the gospel and a soccer ball were connected.  Out of curiosity, he came to hear Frank speak and was convicted of his unforgiveness and repented.  He is now back with his wife. 

  • Bob is leading an FC Grace's weekly bible study, reaching many coaches via zoom and whatsapp.

  • The FC Grace message by word of mouth has reached a pastor and two coaches in Burundi.  We have been invited to come and conduct a training session in Burundi in 2023.

  • The FC Grace message is spreading throughout Zambia.  A group of Muslim coaches have approached Frank and Bob to hold a conference. During COVID there was tremedous poverty and Muslims came in with money for food, clothing, even jobs, and now these people are in bondage to Islam and see no hope.  When they heard about the FC Grace message, they heard "hope" and want to know more.  God has opened this opportunity, and Bob and Frank will conduct the first message over Zoom during the last week of December. 
    The FC Grace message is beginning to move in Northern Uganda. Pastor Derrick Mombera, a friend who we met over Whatsapp in 2018, attended the FC Grace Training session in Entebbe.   He has now invited FC Grace to come to Northern Uganda and build a program for outreach to coaches.

Please pray for all that is happening, and God's plans for this ministry!

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