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December 2018 Update

Moseline and Rischy finished their last semester of challenging courses and headed home for Christmas to their families on December 23rd. They continue to save for a deposit on a new place to live, but are limited to locations that will rent to Haitians. There is a great deal of racism and prejudice towards them.

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October 2018 Update

Rischy and Moseline are very pleased having their own stove, and are saving money on food as they are able to buy and cook their own groceries. How many second year college students do we know saying that? 

Toward the end of October, they met up with Coy Ferrell, one of the parishioners from St. James Episcopal Church in Warrenton, VA who had met them in 2017. He had responded to the request for laptops and had personally delivered them while he was in Haiti again last month.

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September 2018 Update

Rischy and Moseline decided to take their living situation in hand, and have purchased a stove that runs on propane. This allows them to keep their food and cooking contained within their living quarters, and minimizes access to their own food supplies from the Haitian couple from whom they rent.

University courses are keeping them very busy as they prepare now for mid-term examinations.

They are still seeking to move but it is not an easy process, so please be praying for God's favor in this situation.

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August 2018 Update

As Rischy and Moseline get immersed in their new semester, they have had additional challenges. They are seeking to move into a new rental, but this is not an easy task. Dominicans hold prejudice against Haitians and will not rent to them. Those Haitians who have managed to rent apartments or homes are often the ones who are open to renting a room or two to other Haitians. Unfortunately, the young couple who is renting rooms to Rischy and Moseline, often will use the food that these two buy for themselves and have done other questionable things. Rischy and Moseline are working with Pere Bruno from Esperance et Vie (the organization that provided their primary and secondary school education) to find a new location but it is a slow moving process.


In University, they are now taking many more classes in their major such as anatomy and pyschology. They also continue to take university-level courses in Spanish to expand their fast-growing vocabulary. They have continued to maintain admirable grade point averages. 

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June/July 2018 Update:

Moseline and Rischy had a successful first year and after a 3 week break visiting Terrier Rouge, Haiti, returned back to University to begin their 2nd year of Medical School. This year, they are taking a few medical classes, and they're enjoying them very much.

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May 2018 Update:

Moseline and Rischy finished this first year with a marvelous bang! Here are their grades below. Moseline has a 3.86 GPA and Rischy has a 3.57! We are SO PROUD of our students!!

Here is a thank you note that Moseline and Rischy sent to all of you:

"Rischy and I would like to say thank you to all our sponsors in the USA who donated to make possible the study of medical school. This is a great opportunity for us and as a result we are working hard to bring good fruits. We want God to bless you then  you can continue to help us. We are praying for you."

Here are some updated pictures of our two students. Please be lifting them up in prayer as they return to Haiti for a month-long visit before going back to start their 1st semester of their 2nd year. They are hoping to move from their current living space in the DR where they feel they are being taken advantage of by another Haitian couple from whom they are renting. They are hoping to speak to Pere Bruno at Esperance et Vie for his advice.     View expenses

March-April 2018 Update:

Moseline and Rischy had another successful grading period at Medical School. With 30 being the top score, Moseline has a 93% average score for this period, and Rischy has a 88% average score. Moseline explained that their history grades were not available at the time they sent me these scores. 

They have picked out their classes for the next semester. Here is a look at what they're taking. View expenses

February 2018

Moseline and Rischy are doing well very in their first semester of Medical School. They recently took exams and with a total potential score of 30 in each class, Rischy achieved 90% of that score, and Moseline achieved 92%.

They also resolved an issue they've been struggling with in their rental house. They are sharing a house, and when they have bought food, the family they are renting from has been eating some of it without paying them back for it. Moseline and Rischy brought the situation to our attention and asked if they could get a mini-refrigerator to keep their groceries. They are quite proud of their new addition, and will not run out of food before the month's money ends.

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January 2018

Moseline and Rischy started Medical University in the Dominican Republic at Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago (UTESA) when they returned from their Christmas break this last month. They are enjoying the challenges. 

As University students, they said that the big differences for them are paying for books and how many they have to have each semester! (Yes, that is always a surprise as well in the US).

They have been resourceful, buying used books, and buying groceries and making their meals at the house where they rent rooms. They explained that they have little time for any form of entertainment as they are committed to being excellent at their studies.

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December 2017

Our students were required to take and pass a 3-month intensive Spanish immersion course before being admitted to attend University in the Dominican Republic. They moved to the Dominican in September, and within a week of arriving, started to study a language of which they knew only a few words. By the end of this month, they were not only fluent but graduated this course at the top of their class and received awards. They are now currently enrolled in their first semester at Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago (UTESA). (see picture on right - Moseline is the young woman on the far left, and Rischy is holding the microphone.

November 2017

Moseline and Rischy are in the Dominican Republic (DR) studying hard to master their new language. They must successfully pass a test for Spanish in December that shows a high level of competency and fluency in order for them to be enrolled at the local University medical school. 

They live in the outskirts of Santiago in the DR, and have much to adjust to - renting rooms from someone, living close to a large city, managing their funds, asking for receipts - many experiences that are new to most young adults everywhere. 

And their biggest challenge yet - learning a new language in three months so you can study medicine in that language! Please keep them in your prayers.

October 2017

Moseline and Rischy met a group from Warrenton, VA. They not only had the opportunity practice their English skills but with a few Spanishing speaking visitors, they continued to master their Spanish.

They accompanied the group up to the Citadel, a historic fortress and icon to Haiti's independence.