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Medical University Fundraiser

FC Grace is raising money for Moseline Belrive and Rischy Pierre, two high school graduates from Esperance et Vie in Terrier Rouge, Haiti to continue attending medical school in the Dominican Republic. The funds for their first year have been donated, and we are seeking to raise the remainder of the needed resources. Both of these students are committed to becoming doctors in Haiti and making a difference in their community. 

January 2019 Update

Rischy and Moseline had a wonderful Christmas break and came back to school very motivated to continue working hard at their classes, and finding a new place to live. They have looked at several places near to the University Campus, and the prices are no more than they are currently paying ($200) but they will share with one other student. Here is the latest that Moseline found and we are praying that a third room mate will be provided.

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Moseline Belrive was the top female student of the 2016 class at Ecole St. Barthelemy, an excellent Pre-K through Year 13 private school in Terrier Rouge, Haiti. Moseline's hopes for University were crushed in 2015 when her father passed away. She had no means to earn a living that could send her to Medical School. She plans to come back and practice medicine in Northern Haiti.

Moseline began attending Ecole St. Barthelemy when she was 3 years old. All through her years at the School she always had the highest grades in all of her classes. In 9th grade she took the National exam along with Rischy and other classmates and she was recognized by the Ministry of Education as being one of the three best students of the Northeast district of Haiti. ​

Rischy Pierre was the top male student of the 2016 graduating class at Ecole St. Barthelemy, an excellent Pre-K through Year 13 private school in Terrier Rouge, Haiti. Rischy, who lost both his parents when he was young and has been raised by his uncle, thought this dream was out of his reach. Rischy also wants to return to Northern Haiti and practice his profession.​Rischy began attending Ecole St. Barthelemy when he was 9 years old. He completed all his years at the school as one of the top two students of his class. He was also recognized also by the Ministry of Education as one of the best students. 

Monthly Medical School Costs beginning January 1, 2018:

  • Medical University Tuition: $200

  • University Tuition Administrative Fee: $50  

  • Books and Supplies: $100

  • Rent: $200

  • Food: $200 



 Donors will receive updates on Moseline & Rischy as well as access to monthly reconciliation of expenses. For more information, contact Jeanne Allen.