Christ Centered Coaching (a C3 Model)

The C3 model is our foundation for coaching education.

What does the ultimate coach look like?  This is NOT about wins and losses; this is about impacting your players...for life.  The premise of this model is the absolute guarantee of the character of God as our loving father.  We can depend on him to change us into the likeness of Christ.   Our character and behavior change as God's changes our heart's desire, one dominated by love.   

The Ultimate Coach is one whose heart is in the best interest of the player and who mentors, guides, encourages, embraces the player.  It is the servant heart (Mark 9:35). It is in this relationship that the coach and player develop the trust required to attain the highest levels of effort.  Winning is a result of this relationship.  The player want to play for such a coach.  The coach wants the most for and from his player.

Completing this model is the response by the player to God.  The coach is the light and reflection of Christ and points the player to Christ.  When the player places his life in Christ, just like the coach, then the player also evolves into the fullness of God's design, such as a leader, a servant, spokesman, cheerleader...into his destiny that God has planned.