Abba's Kids

What is Abba's Kids?

Abba’s Kids is a classic children's story and soon to become one of your child’s favorites. With beautiful watercolor illustrations, it chronicles the story of Abba, his son Zoey and the gentle breeze Nooma who live in a magnificent home in Gloriana, a most wondrous place, and want to invite others to join them. Zoey and Nooma make the trip to Terramaina where anyone and everyone is invited. It is a wonderful story of love, trials, trust and endurance.


When and where is Abba's Kids available for purchase?

It will be available for Christmas 2020 (exact time frame coming), and purchasable at,, Christian booksellers and at Xulon Press' bookstore.


What led to this story?

Abba's Kids had a supernatural beginning. Jeanne was reading her bible, chatting with her Heavenly Father and thinking about how she would want to share the Gospel of Jesus in a way that was not off-putting, that showed how much He loves, and how that love changes everything. 

This story came in a complete "download" into her mind. She quickly reached for her laptop and started to type out the story. While the storyline never changed, there were many edits. Her daughter, Jessica played the pivotal role of main editor being a gifted writer herself. She kindly but firmly made suggestions that have improved how the story reads.


How does it connect to the Gospel?

The story loosely follows the Gospel and we believe the departures don't harm the true message of Jesus and His saving grace. Much of the story makes reference to passages in the Gospels. 

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